Bottled Fruit Collection
  • Brandied Apricots
  • Fruit Medley in Muscat
  • Prunes in Port
  • Brandied Apricots with Wattleseed
  • Flavours of the Bush

Serving Suggestions
Brandied Apricots, Fruit Medley in Muscat and Brandied Apricots with Wattleseed are delicious when drained and served as an hors d`oeuvre, accompanied by soft cheese. Retain the syrup and use as a marinade or pour over ice cream.

Prunes in Port is a wonderful dessert served with whipped cream or ice cream or, at your next BBQ, partially cook sausages, slice in half, fill with drained prunes and wrap in bacon, then finish cooking.

Flavours of the Bush is a uniquely Australian product containing dried apple, dried pear and quandong soaked in a wattleseed based liqueur. The subtle flavours of the pear and apple enhance the taste of the quandong.

Brandied Apricots are a delicious way to season a chicken breast. Mince the apricots, season lightly and gently combine with a little baby spinach. Any of the Ausnat Fruits bottled products can be used with nuts as a topping for cakes or pavlovas.
Ausnat Fruit range is simply delicious! Fantasic quality gourmet delights for gift giving or simply enjoying yourself with some wine and cheese.- Jennie Lory

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